Gorilla Arm Syndrome

During an October 2010 MacBook Pro event Steve Jobs addressed swirling rumors about a touchscreen MacBook. He began by completely ruling out the possibility of a touch-enabled Apple laptop. Steve introduced the now famous “Gorilla Arm Syndrome”. His reason for not including a touch screen into a laptop running the Mac OS was that after prolonged use, the user would feel like their arm was about to fall off. He spoke so passionately about this conviction that it seemed that every person in the audience believed and accepted verdict. Almost six years later, many PC users now enjoy the benefits of having a touchscreen embedded in their screen. Intel CEO later described the user experience this way “a touch screen in a non-convertible laptop is just an additional input medium. It’s supposed to compliment the keyboard and the touchpad, not replace them”.

Users are not expected to use the touchscreen as a sole means of inputting data into a laptop computer. Even the new iPad Pro with its convertible cover keyboard looks and works like a laptop with a touch screen. I remember when the iPad Pro was released a lot of bloggers and journalists joked about Steve Jobs rolling over in his grave.

There is a General assumption that Apple the company is the Sole Provider of all things amazing and that any great idea from another company was probably stolen from Apple. This belief created and protected by the Apple reality Distortion field as it is now known most likely clouds the Judgment of most users making them to believe that anything the company sells just should work. I’m not an apple hater or a PC fanboy-although I wouldn’t mind the latter-however, the reality of computer usability is such that more often than not, users know what they want. And the users have spoken!


One thought on “Gorilla Arm Syndrome

  1. I remember when this happened. I currently use a Microsoft SurfaceBook for my main laptop. and without the touch screen this laptop would be nothing special. With the ability to detach the screen and use it basically like a clipboard, it has changed the way i take notes in class. i don’t think i could every go back to a laptop without a touchscreen.


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